NILA becomes a member of the UK Search And Rescue Operators Group

As Hamble Lifeboat is a member of the National Independent Lifeboat Association, it is our pleasure to share some very exciting and significant changes that are underway for the organisation.

The National Independent Lifeboat Association (NILA) has recently been accepted as a probationary member of the UK Search and Rescue Operators Group. This national body represents search and rescue operators across the UK and includes other voluntary services such as the RNLI, mountain rescue, lowland rescue, and cave rescue. As a member, NILA will have the opportunity to contribute to important national discussions about search and rescue provision for a trial period of one year. This is a significant step for NILA and highlights the important role they play in keeping people safe on the water.

NILA, the National Independent Lifeboat Association, is set to play a key role in shaping the future of search and rescue operations in the UK. The organisation has been invited to participate in expert working groups that provide guidance and advice on various topics related to search and rescue. With an estimated 60 independent lifeboat service teams operating in the UK, NILA is looking to expand its membership and make an even greater impact on the safety of those at sea.

NILA has recently joined the National Water Safety Forum too. This move allows NILA to benefit from campaigns such as “Respect the Water” and work towards keeping the waters around the UK safer for everyone. The trustees of NILA have put in a lot of effort to secure probationary membership and are grateful for the support of HM Coastguard and the UKSAR Operators Group.

To learn more about the important work that NILA is doing for Independent Lifeboats such as Hamble Lifeboat, visit their website at