Annual Raft Race

1st January 2019 • 11am

River Hamble

1st January 2019 will see the fourth annual battle for supremacy from the local emergency services. Sadly again in 2018 the Fire Service of Hamble 55 won the Roger Harding Shield with Hamble Lifeboat a woeful 2nd, the Police 3rd and Ambulance service of SCAS 4th.

Results so far : –
2016 – Hamble Fire Service
2017 – Hamble Lifeboat
2018 – Hamble Fire Service

The Annual Raft Race is the brain child of local man Paul Ackland who joined the crew and wanted to have a community event. The 1st of January was decided to make a great start to our year and to get the public engaged in the Lifeboat. Paul now one of our Coxswains draws a crowd of 500+ come rain or shine. The last few years the doors of the Station has been open with refreshments and merchandise available. The hot tea and coffee mixed with the cakes really has helped blow the cobwebs from the night before. The race is a test of teamwork, brains and stamina due to the strong Hamble River tides or wind. Despite the potential rain this year the lifeboat raised a fantastic figure of £300+.

Events like this organised by our crew and fundraisers are vital for engagement as we can talk to donors and potential volunteers which aid us in providing a fantastic rescue service and a community hub.

We invite everyone to come and watch this battle of emergency service persons and support us moving into 2019. We will this year have sponsorship opportunities for the teams. The winning team gets the trophy named in memory of Captain Roger Harding who was Hamble Lifeboats Chairman for near twenty years.