Book Ladies

Hamble Lifeboat are proud to have support from our famous ‘Book Ladies’. During our better weather days from April to October we have a Nora, Jane, Diana and Jan manning tables loaded with donated books and puzzles to sell and pass the proceeds to Hamble Lifeboat.

With these amazing efforts they raise a fantastic amount and spread the news about the Lifeboat should the crew not be at the station. This vital link with the public generates both money and support for Hamble Lifeboat. The Hamble Book Ladies bring an element of positive to our close team and the crew and trustees truly are honoured to have them as part of our organisation. It allows us to have the shutter doors open inviting people to see the operation and engage with the crew and ultimately see directly where their donation has gone.

In 2016 and 2017 the book ladies generated near 10% of our annual running costs purely on the sales of our donated books and by our small selection of merchandise.

At this time we have plenty of books and are not accepting any further but thank the public for all the donated books and games. Should you look to join our fantastic team of fundraisers please contact us via the Get Involved page.

Hamble Lifeboat would like to thank our Book Ladies and thank those who support them.