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Rescues & Incidents

Let’s face it, it’s the reason we are here. There aren’t many incident types that we haven’t been tasked to assist with. Over the years we’ve dealt with groundings, dismasts, missing persons, fires on board, mechanical failures, body recoveries, capsizes, sinkings, and of course, medical evacutions.

Our Lifeboats

Our pride and joy. Purpose built for the local waters, our two lifeboats have a shallow draft that allows us to go just about anywhere to reach those in need. The Harry Childs has two 330bhp Iveco diesel engines powering the two Castoldi turbo drive water jets, while the more recent John and Violet Hurrell has two 360bhp engines. The boats have a maximum speed of 39 knots and are usually operated with a crew of three (coxswain, radio operator, and linesman) and a capacity for 25 casualties. We usually have one in service and one on overhaul, the cycle repeating itself every six months. That way we can be sure when the engines are needed, they start.

The Crew!

Faces past and present. Our volunteer crew, turning out no matter what the weather, always with a devilish sense of humour and the wonderful support of their families.

Paul Ackland

IT Project Manager

Mark Lewis

Electrical Project Manager

Lego Lifeboat
Andy Bowring

Maritime Officer

Brian Butcher

Vessel Operator

Chris Thompson

Coxswain Pilot Boat

James Hunt

Merchant Mariner

Steve Richardson
Steve Richardson

Facilities Manager

Lego Lifeboat
Kate Pateman


Lego Lifeboat
Chris Bruty

Creative Designer

Marie Whitehouse
James Godwin

HR Director

Ian McMichael

IT Consultant

Matthew Todd

3D Print Engineer

Steve Emery

Lifeboat Operations Manager

Lego Lifeboat
Brian Spice


Lego Lifeboat
Paul Rigby
James Davies
James Davies

Tree Surgeon

James Barnes

Coxswain Pilot Boat

Philip Stuart

Project Manager

Grenville Houser

Events Organiser

Alan Rackett

Emergency Medical Technician

Stuart O'Connor

IT Consultant

Lego Lifeboat
Rich Cohen

Business Owner

Lego Lifeboat
Lego Lifeboat
Karl Manners

Hampshire and IOW Fire & Rescue Service

Lego Lifeboat
Sam Gundry
Lego Lifeboat
Tim Adams