Hamble Emergency Services 4th Annual New Years Raft Race 2019

1st January 2019 • 11:15am

Hamble Foreshore

The Annual New Years Day raft race took place yesterday at 11:15.

Teams from Hampshire Police, Hampshire Fire, South Central Ambulance Service and Hamble Independent Lifeboat competed for the top spot.

The weather held, a large crowd of onlookers amassed and the atmosphere was amazing.

The “soap box derby” style rafts were launched from the beach and the race was on.

Hampshire Fire were tipped to win the race again, however after a very even start Hamble Lifeboat and their deep knowledge of the tides had put them out in front and they pulled away from the competition at a stunning pace.

After a hard fought race Hamble Lifeboat “romped home” in record time.

Thank you to all who participated, planned, assisted and attended the event.

Thank you also to everyone who purchased cup cakes and hot drinks from the Lifeboat Station as all of the money raised helps to keep our lifeboat service operational.

Happy New Year from Hamble Lifeboat Trustees and Crew and lets see how the race pans out next year…….. (We hear the Fire Service are in training already…..)