Hamble Lifeboat recently gained viral attention on TikTok for a training video showcasing a life-saving training winch in collaboration with Bristow Helicopters and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. This video not only highlights the importance of lifeboat and aircraft familiarisation for life-saving rescues, but also brings attention to the crucial work of independent lifeboats in ensuring the safety of those at sea.

In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for marketing and increasing brand awareness. Hamble Lifeboat, recognised the importance of utilising social media to reach a wider audience and attract potential sponsors and support fundraising efforts. To tap into a new and younger demographic, the Marketing and Communications volunteer recently decided to create a TikTok account for Hamble Lifeboat. With its visually appealing content and engaging format, TikTok provides a unique opportunity to showcase the Lifeboat’s mission critical work to a whole new audience.

A video capturing the training of Bristow Helicopter and Hamble Lifeboat volunteers has gone viral, thanks to its use of a popular TikTok-style audio track and hashtags. The video, filmed by volunteer Chris Bruty, has garnered over 154,000 views and thousands of likes, sparking interest in the work of the Independent Lifeboat and its volunteers not just locally, but globally.

Unlike the RNLI, Independent Lifeboats rely solely on fundraising to keep their operations afloat. Recent support from the National Independent Lifeboat Association, means all independent lifeboats can finally work together nationally to help raise awareness and fundraise. Coxswain and Station Manager, Paul Ackland said, “social media has been a valuable tool in raising awareness and funds for the Hamble Lifeboat, with a surge in awareness, donations and corporate support in recent years”.

Their next goal is to raise funds for a new lifeboat, and they believe that the increased awareness from the recent viral video will greatly aid in achieving this goal.

The service will also be featured on TV in the autumn, demonstrating how important Independent Lifeboat services are alongside the RNLI and other emergency services. .

If you would like to get in touch with the team about corporate sponsorships or creating your own fundraising campaign contact the team fundraiser@hamblelifeboat.co.uk or call 02380452621




As Hamble Lifeboat is a member of the National Independent Lifeboat Association, it is our pleasure to share some very exciting and significant changes that are underway for the organisation.

The National Independent Lifeboat Association (NILA) has recently been accepted as a probationary member of the UK Search and Rescue Operators Group. This national body represents search and rescue operators across the UK and includes other voluntary services such as the RNLI, mountain rescue, lowland rescue, and cave rescue. As a member, NILA will have the opportunity to contribute to important national discussions about search and rescue provision for a trial period of one year. This is a significant step for NILA and highlights the important role they play in keeping people safe on the water.

NILA, the National Independent Lifeboat Association, is set to play a key role in shaping the future of search and rescue operations in the UK. The organisation has been invited to participate in expert working groups that provide guidance and advice on various topics related to search and rescue. With an estimated 60 independent lifeboat service teams operating in the UK, NILA is looking to expand its membership and make an even greater impact on the safety of those at sea.

NILA has recently joined the National Water Safety Forum too. This move allows NILA to benefit from campaigns such as “Respect the Water” and work towards keeping the waters around the UK safer for everyone. The trustees of NILA have put in a lot of effort to secure probationary membership and are grateful for the support of HM Coastguard and the UKSAR Operators Group.

To learn more about the important work that NILA is doing for Independent Lifeboats such as Hamble Lifeboat, visit their website at www.nila.org.uk.

Hamble Lifeboat is proud to be one of the founding members of the National Independent Lifeboat Association (NILA), a new charity which has been launched to assist the UK’s independent lifeboats and to ensure the preservation of life on the water.



While many of the UK’s lifeboats are operated and funded by the Royal National Lifeboat Association (RNLI), there are around 46 independent organisations that operate along the coastline and on inland waterways across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These independent teams are run primarily (if not entirely) by volunteers, and funded by local donations. They provide an invaluable service to their local communities and save thousands of lives each year.

NILA was founded by Anthony Mangnall MP following a visit to an independent lifeboat in his constituency of Totnes and South Devon. This visit highlighted the essential work of the UK’s independent lifeboats as well as the many challenges they face including funding, public awareness and long-term support. He has worked with colleagues in Parliament as well as industry experts to form the charity, which will now be able to offer independent lifeboats the support and recognition they desperately need.

The National Independent Lifeboat Association has already welcomed twenty-nine members from all four nations, each of which work closely with their local Coastguard team, Police force or Fire service.
Members of NILA will retain their independence while enjoying benefits including greater representation in Parliament, promotion nationally, and access to working groups where data and best practice is shared. The association also aims to achieve recognition by the UK SAR Operators Group, joining the likes of the RNLI, Lowland Rescue (ALSAR), Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MR-EW), and the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS).

Founder and Hon. President Anthony Mangnall MP (Totnes and South Devon) said:

“After two years working together with the independent lifeboats of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I am pleased to see our initiative come to fruition. This new association – NILA – will provide the access and information for our independent lifeboats to thrive over the years to come as well as ensuring our coastline has maximum lifesaving coverage. The recognition of this association by the Department for Transport and UK Search and Rescue will ensure that independent lifeboats can speak with one unified voice while maintaining their independence. I look forward to ensuring that not only are our waterways safe for citizens across the country but that this association helps to support those incredible volunteers who do so much to help others”

Neil Dalton (Chair of National Independent Lifeboat Association) said:

“It is an honour to take on the role of Chairman of the National Independent Lifeboat Association. This organisation is, in my opinion, long overdue and has the potential to offer great support to many independent lifeboats around the UK.
“Many members of the public assume that this water safety role is entirely the province of the RNLI, who provide an outstanding service. However, many areas of the UK are served by independent lifeboats so the National Independent Lifeboat Association intends to raise awareness of these organisations.”


Coastal Spring Water in partnership with Hamble Lifeboat, Hope Cove Lifeboat and looking to partner with other independent lifeboats across the UK.


Following the hugely successful Hamble Lifeboat feature on BBC South, Simon Beale of Coastal Spring Water got in touch with the service and offered to support the lifeboat by donating a percentage of profit for every bottle of water sold. The bottles will also feature Hamble Lifeboat on the labels, which will give the service a real boost of awareness in and around the area.

A local well-known Hall & Woodhouse pub the Jolly Sailor, which sells Coastal Spring, joined in the fun as Simon presented Hamble Lifeboat with a cheque.

Coxswain, Paul Ackland commented on the support.

“It’s really exciting to get involved with Coastal Spring Water, we think it will really help spread the word about Hamble Lifeboat and at the same time raising well needed money for the service”.

A huge thank you to everyone who has got involved and we are looking forward to long prosperous partnership.

We will be opening our doors to the station on September 3rd 2022 for visitors to come and learn more about Hamble Lifeboat and other Independent Lifeboats.

The day will be supported by Hamble Powerboat Charters who are running trips up and down the river and out on The Solent. INFO & TICKETS

Please come down and say hello to the team.

We’d like to thank the organisers of the Warsash Festival who did such an amazing job laying on this wonderful event, giving local businesses, organisations and clubs the opportunity to  say hello and raise money for their own good causes. Thanks to all the prize donators we were able to hold a raffle and raise much-needed funds for the Lifeboat and of course thanks to all those who braved the sun and heat to support the event.

Over the past few years, it has cost around £60,000 a year to run the Hamble lifeboat, but like everyone, we have to deal with the rising costs of fuel on top of the everyday running and training costs.  Hamble Lifeboat is an independent lifeboat station, working with the Solent Coastguard to assist on emergencies as far as the Isle of Wight, and is run entirely on donations, fundraising, the Lifeboat Lotto and bequests. It is only with the amazing support of the local community and businesses that we can continue to deliver this vital service.

Here’s a list of the unclaimed winning raffle tickets and prizes;

Skippered Charter on Gull. Pink 112
Afternoon tea at the HarBAR Ocean Village Pink 408
Vodka Green 408
Prosecco Pink 403
Malbec wine Pink 319
White wine Green 61
Pack of San Miguel Green 153
Water bottle Pink 30
Bluetooth speaker Pink 257
Garlic grater Green 333
Create a Bear Stuff and Stitch Teddy Green 83

The prizes can be collected from the Station TODAY (Sunday 10 July) or by emailing Tim by clicking  HERE



After a lengthy and major refit on the older of our two boats, the Harry Childs, she was  relaunched this weekend. This means we can now bring the other boat ashore for maintenance. With that, both boats will have been brought into line with the MCA Rescue Boat Code of Practice, introduced in 2013. Thereafter, we aim to run the boats in six-month shifts; one afloat in service and one in the station for maintenance. Each boat will likely require a refit every 5th year.

We had a busy year, here are a few statistics to share with you all.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with Hamble Lifeboat – We are very honoured to work alongside RNLI Calshot Lifeboat Gosport And Fareham Inshore Rescue Service Hampshire Constabulary River Hamble Harbour Master RNLI Cowes RNLI Lifeboat Solent Rescue Lifeboat Solent Coastguard Hill Head Coastguard Rescue Team.

We are extremely proud and honoured to share with you the news that Stephen Emery from Hamble Lifeboat is on the 2022 New Years Honours List; receiving a British Empire Medal for services to maritime safety.

Since joining the volunteer crew in 1996, Steve spent 19 years as Coxswain, before becoming Operations Manager and a Trustee. This award also acknowledges his long service in the HM Coastguard.

Hamble Lifeboat would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve for all the hard work and commitment he has dedicated to the service over the years and acknowledge his huge input to the day-to-day operation. Since the Hamble Lifeboat is an independent charity it relies entirely on the hard work of our volunteer crew, fundraisers and supporters.

On Wednesday 16th October, five representatives from Hamble Lifeboat travelled to the Houses of Parliament to attend a reception organised by Eastleigh MP Mims Davies to highlight the role and issues faced by Independent lifeboat stations around the UK.


Mims was inspired to organise the event after visiting Hamble Lifeboat in 2018 and understanding first hand how vital Independent Lifeboats are to the safety of life around the UK – particularly in her Eastleigh constituency – whilst also seeing some of the issues faced by the relatively small organisations.


The reception afforded the team from Hamble and the representatives from the other 17 independent lifeboat stations that attended, the opportunity to talk to several MPs about the services they provide to Communities the length and breath of the UK & Ireland.  It was a fantastic opportunity to highlight how important government funding is to keeping these crucial services going – specifically the Department for Transport Grant and the Rescue Boat Grant Fund.  The team were also able to speak with representatives from other independent lifeboats to discuss common issues including how to raise awareness, fundraising and running costs.  There were also two representatives present from the RNLI, which provided an opportunity to forge better relationships between the different organisations.


There are 8 independent Lifeboats in Scotland, 8 in Northern Ireland, 4 in Wales, 38 in England and 28 in the Republic of Ireland – some of which are inland rescue services.  In total, 86 identified Independent Lifeboat & Rescue services with 238 RNLI stations across the same region.  In 2018, the RNLI Lifeboats launched 8,964 times across their 238 stations. That’s an average of 38 launches per station.  By comparison, Hamble Lifeboat launched 103 times in 2018, and to date in 2019 has launched on 92 occasions to tasking from the Solent Coastguard.


Hamble are very grateful to Mims and her team for organising the event, and to the sponsors SC innovation & SCISYS for generously supporting.  We are hoping that the event will become an annual one – with the opportunity to run a conference style event next year involving all emergency services.